ABN Amro Dancefloor Challenge 2017



ABN Amro Dancefloor Challenge 2017


 LeT's Dance  








Dance Floor Challenge  




Friday 28th April Gala Dinner Dance


Saturday 29th April Matinee


Saturday 29th April Gala Dinner Dance


 tickets go on sale 14th January 2017 @ 10am

Tel: 07781 111347

£75.00 pp (members of GADA £70.00 pp) for Gala Dinner Dance

Matinee:-  Adults £22.50, Under 18 and over 65  £12.50

Cheques payable to Let's Dance or GADA please

(Money Non Refundable)

Postal address to send cheques:

Lets Dance
Carteret Road

Raising Funds for both


GADA (Guernsey Amateur Dancesport Association)





"Safer is thrilled to be the charity chosen to benefit from the 2017 Dance Floor Challenge. Safer is a locally registered charity (number CH400) which is seeking to enable all islanders to enjoy a life free of domestic abuse, coercion and harm. Everyone should feel safe in their own homes and should live lives free of abuse. This is what Safer is striving to achieve.

Safer does this by providing support to victims and their children and helps to prevent abuse by raising awareness and campaigning. Safer provides the following services:  

Guernsey Women’s Refuge 

Help for male victims to find emergency accommodation  

Outreach service 

Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs)  

Children and Young People’s Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (KIDVA)  

Moving on counselling  

Guernsey and Alderney Child’s Contact Centre  

Children First Course  

Training professionals  

Awareness raising and campaigning 

Services are provided locally by specialist trained staff and volunteers. We also work with the States of Guernsey and other charities under the Domestic Abuse Strategy to achieve the Strategy’s aims.  

Outcomes for both children and adults, following support by Safer’s services, show how the work we do makes a real and positive difference to people’s lives, improving their safety, health, wellbeing, academic achievements and employment prospects.  

Safer is delighted that, as the chosen charity for this popular event, awareness of domestic abuse in the Bailiwick of Guernsey will be raised. It will also help us by raising funds for the charity so we can continue to support victims of domestic abuse and their children."



2017 Line up of Dancers


Kim Bougourd & Scott Carre


Dancing the Waltz & Group Latin


 I am an avid Strictly fan but have never danced a step of ballroom or latin in my life, so this is going to be a huge learning curve.

I am a married mother of two children – a teen and a tween – so I need to be good at this then I don’t become the World’s Most Embarrassing Mum.

A former journalist of 20 years, I now work as an account manager at local PR consultancy, Liquid. I spend my days communicating – a job that involves working strategically and methodically, dotting the I s and crossing the T s. So, the biggest hurdle, I think, will be to let go and stop over-thinking things.

Six years ago I lost five stone in weight and became an independent Cambridge Weight Plan consultant; I now spend my Saturday mornings helping others reach their weight loss goals. 


I entered the DFC as a personality back in 2012 and was crowned the overall champion along with my then dance partner Celena. That was the first time that the competition was set over 2 nights so having a third show to cope with will be a challenge. Since then I have formed a great dance partnership with Charmaine and been involved with come back and show dances as well as the anniversary show in 2015.  

We are both looking forward to finding out who our DFC partners are and we will be doing our very best to get them ready for the first night and hope that they enjoy this amazing journey as much as we will.

  Jonny Freeman & Charmaine Garrick



 Dancing the Waltz & Group Latin


 I've been in Guernsey for more than a year and my main job is as a journalist for the Bailiwick's commercial radio station Island FM.

It's been great to meet so many people from across the island who are passionate about helping those in the community - and this is one project that helps reinforce that spirit here.

Outside of work I'm a keen sports and music fan. My experience of dancing stems mainly from watching Strictly and pulling some pretty shockingly awful dad dance moves in a club or bar.

However - I have huge respect for professional dancers and have heard of how fun the challenge is, so I've decided to give it a go!



I’m very much looking forward to taking part in this years Dance Floor Challenge and I am sure it will be as much fun as the last ones I’ve been lucky enough to take part in.
I’ve been dancing since I was 4 and danced ballet for about 12 years. I’ve enjoyed learning different ballroom and latin dances over the years and am looking forward to this years Waltz. Teaching someone else to dance is part of the fun of the DFC and hopefully my partner will enjoy learning the routine and the experience of performing in front of a few hundred people!!
When I’m not dancing I’m busy being mum to my two young boys, Flynn (7) and Noah (4). If I can find the time I also enjoy surfing, swimming and baking



Gay Whitfield & Paul Whitfield  

  Dancing the Vienesse Waltz & Group Latin 



I’d have always said ‘never’ on your life would I wish to perform dance in front of lots of people! However when the charitable cause for this year’s event was announced it made me re-think since the Guernsey And Alderney Child Contact Services now comes under the umbrella of SAFER. This is a charity which I have worked for and provides an invaluable service to the children of Guernsey and Alderney.
I currently work for the Family Proceedings Advisory Service which involves working with children and their families. Children are a huge part of my life not only in terms of work but in my personal life since I am the mother of six lovely children.
For me Dance Floor is a huge challenge – one I face with both enthusiasm and fear in equal amounts!



I was a personality’ competitor in the 2014 Dance Floor. Winning one of three heat rounds dancing the Waltz and Charleston with dance partner Maxine Le Page and a further exhibition dance, I loved the experience enough to be encouraged to come back, returning as a dancer partner for 2016 dancing the Argentine Tango, with personality partner Cindy Challenger.
On the verge of saying never again! The opportunity to make a dance floor first by being asked to dance with my wife Gay, was too good to miss. Gay is a total novice to formal dancing and it will be a significant personal challenge for her. Observers of TV’s Strictly have said it is a potential relationship maker….let’s hope a husband and wife combination in Dance Floor is not a relationship breaker!


  Christopher Jehan & Debbie Bideau


 Dancing the Viennese Waltz & Group Latin



is the Managing Director of Midshore Consulting Limited, a consultancy firm focused primarily on Guernsey’s financial services industry. Christopher founded Midshore in August 2016 following a 23 year career in the industry, the last 4 of which he was a director at Investec Asset Management Guernsey Limited. Christopher is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, Member of the Institute of Directors and IMC Member of the CFA Society of the UK. Christopher is also Vice Chairman of the Guernsey Investment Fund Association and a Committee Member of the Guernsey Branch of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment 


I am the Head of Music at Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre and you can usually find me conducting a range of musical groups including bands, orchestras and choirs. My love of dance started a few years ago when I received a flyer through the door advertising modern jive classes. Not knowing what it was, I decided to try it out and was hooked!
I never thought I would find a passion equal to music but I feel that I have found that in dance. This is my 3rd dancefloor challenge, having been lucky enough to experience winning it last year with my jive partner, Marc Griffiths. I am looking forward to the training again and meeting my new dance partner. Let's hope we can 'dance like no-one's watching' on the night!



   Jean-Paul Segers & Debi Harris


Dancing the Tango and Group Latin



Oh my goodness! “Ready for a challenge?”
So I was asked by my “amazing” staff, as they ‘kindly’ nominated me for the Dance floor challenge.
Well, being 53 and not having any dance experience is surely going to make me look out of place really. What are they thinking?
After all, I’m just a veterinary surgeon with no dancing credentials at all.

I came to Guernsey back in 1995 after working in a mixed practice in Manchester before joining the Vetcare Centres where I am now a partner and practice mainly at our Northside branch. What a privilege it is to have met all the wonderful clients and their pets over the years.

Maybe it is the sound of the drums out of the wilderness of the Congo where I was born that is drawing me into dance?
My wife Ann, looked at me with amazement when I told her about the challenge and started laughing. You can guess what my 3 childrens reaction was!
But, I do love music and I love Guernsey and I like to sing with the Guernsey Bach choir and enjoy taking on a challenge. I also like boating and the odd game of tennis and squash and …. maybe I need to loose some weight as well!

So, why not? After all, it is all for charity! So here we go. Keeeeeeep dancing!



  This is my first year competing in the Dance floor Challenge. I'm usually cheering my husband Wayne on from the sidelines. However, after a particularly delicious meal cooked by Jamie and Bonnie and a lovely evening spent talking about dancing, I was delighted to accept their invitation to be on the other side of the dance floor.

I am really looking forward to dancing the tango as it's one of my favourite dances and having Wayne dancing the Tango alongside me will make it even more special.

I have a fantastic job working at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital as Sister on one of the medical wards. I have a fabulous team of nurses and ward staff whom I'm counting on to support me through these next few months of training.

Wayne and I have three wonderful daughters and two granddaughters. Our 2 eldest are both nurses so we are really hoping that they will relocate one day to Guernsey and then we will be all together again.

Sonya Zabiela & Wayne Harris



Dancing the Tango & Group Latin


 Greetings everybody. I’m Sonya. I’m 46 years old (not sure how that happened) and born and bred in Guernsey. I am an avid Strictly Come Dancing fan but there’s a big difference between watching and doing! I have no idea whether I have can actually dance or not. My rhythm is certainly dependant on how many glasses of Prosecco I’ve consumed that’s for sure.

With my business partner, Beckie, I own The Lavender Rooms and work as a beauty therapist full time. I absolutely love my job; we have an amazing team of girls as well as the most fantastic clients. Beauty has been my profession for 20 years, both in salon and lecturing, and no two days are ever the same and every one rewarding.

I am absolutely terrified but extremely excited and looking forward to the challenge and exceptionallyhonoured to have been asked to take part and help raise money for the deserving charities.



This is now my third dancefloor challenge after my debut in the 10 year anniversary special and then last year's dance as spiderman.
I am very excited to be dancing a tango as a foursome with wife Debi who is making her first appearance this year.
We are also hoping to buy our first house on Guernsey this year with youngest daughter Erin who loves the latin dances. 

Mark Biddlecombe & Kristine Kostascuka  


Dancing the Paso Doble & Group Ballroom  


 Mark Biddlecombe is better known within the Guernsey trust profession as
the serious and dedicated In House Legal Counsel at Nerine Fiduciaries. But
he is also arguably one of the world's foremost exponents of the art of
Dad-Dancing, a talent that was in full evidence recently at his daughter's

Mark is hoping that by entering Dance Floor Challenge 2017, he will be able
to bring the artistry of Dad-dancing to the attention of a wider audience.
Whether the world is ready for a Latin/Ballroom/Dad-dancing fusion remains
to be seen, but Mark is happy to leave that to the judges and the audience
to decide.

Mark is grateful to his wife, family and everyone at Nerine for being so
enthusiastic about volunteering him for DFC 2017, and hopes to do them all


I work at Bijoux Boutique salon and I am taking part in the Dance Floor Challenge for the third time!

 Dance has been part of my life for quite a while! I Started at the age of 7 with some ballroom and folk dancing, which I kept up for 8 years! After a break I decided to dance again!  At the beginning just I helped out my partner, James Greening in DFC 2014. But after that year Jamie Le Tissier asked me to join the experienced dance team and I was delighted to say yes!
I hope that who ever I will dance with will enjoy dancing as much as I do!


Rhona Humphreys & James Greening

Dancing the Paso Doble & group Ballroom


"I am a director of Imperium Trust company and the deputy chair of the Guernsey Association of Trustees. I have never done any formal dancing before this competition as am looking forward to learning a new skill and being able to dance properly with my Dad.  

I am turning 50 this year and was excited to be offered the opportunity to take on the competition in what I hope will be a year of firsts and adventures.  


I am a Dj at Guernseys most popular nightclub, Les Folies D'Amour,and Sales Manager at Mercury Distribution.

I started dancing when asked to compete in the 2010 Dance Floor Challenge. After winning the title, I carried on, and have competed in the UK including Blackpool So I guess you could say I got the bug, and still have! I now dance mainly for fun with my fiancé Kristine Kostascuka. I love to dance, but also the chance to form friendships with people who have a similar passion, is an added bonus.

I am taking part in the competition, for the Eighth time, and I will be trying to help someone else to achieve a goal, and also, to have lots of laughs while coming away with a fantastic memory. I hope that whoever that person may be, will enjoy the experience as much as I do, and maybe they will also keeeeeep dancing!


Sydney Henley-Roussel  & Dave Hyett




Dancing the Jive & Group Ballroom


 Hello, I'm Sydney, you may have heard my voice on BBC Radio Guernsey telling you about road closures, whats going on in the world of sport or what's on telly. It will come as no surprise that I love to chat and meet new people! That's why I was honoured and delighted to be given the opportunity to take part in this year's Dancefloor Challenge.
I was born here on Guernsey 20 years ago, and love the island. I attended Cordier Hill, Notre Dame, Blanchelande College and went on to study performing arts at the College of Further Education. I then went to the Acadamy of Live and Recorded Arts up North to complete a foundation course in Acting. After that I didn't really have a plan, so decided to do some work experience with the BBC here, and a year later, they haven't been able to get rid of me!
I've always loved performing, taking part in many GADOC, ACTS and school productions since I was even smaller than I am now. I've also tried some dancing, like break dancing, Modern, tap and Irish Dancing, so I can't wait to start the Dancefloor Challenge! Some how, I think the dancing in this event will be a tad different to what I've done in the past...


I started my performance career Breakdancing and being a Martial Artist. I started Bboyin with a group called the Awesome Allstars in 1985ish and we performed everywhere. I danced in the Urban games in London in 2004 and street dance championships in 2002, along with dancing in Holland with famous breakers from all over the world.

Locally I teach breakdancing at my own class 6pm Wednesday St.Martins Parish Hall with Let's Dance,  also with  Drama Speaks , G.A.T.E, The Rebellion Allstars cheerleading and sometimes at B-Creative. I  teach Born to move at kings for kids and I've been involved with The Arts Commission in Dance Month, the Literary Arts Festival as a choreographer and performer.

I've been a professional actor since 2010 after training at East 15 in Physical theare and have been in films, music videos, theatre and adverts. I also have performed with GADOC and youth theatre localy since 2001.

My Parents were ballroom champions of Guernsey in the 80's so it's great to follow in their footsteps in this dance style. this is my 2nd venture and am looking forward to it.



Paul Meadowcroft & Karen Michel



Dancing the Jive & Group Ballroom



 I am 52 years old and have been working in electrical engineering for the past 35 years. Twelve months ago I merged our 4th generation local family business with OCS Group UK. I now hold the position of Business Development Director for the Channel Islands with the aim of driving the OCS business forward and providing a legacy for the Meadowcroft brand

Dancing has not been a part of my life to date and I am slightly terrified about the competition but am also really looking forward to it, as are all my family and friends.
I am really lucky to have Karen as my dance partner as she is a great dancer, very competitive and "I hope" has a lot of patience?


I'm 46 years of age and have been dancing for nearly four years. I first entered the dance floor challenge as a personality in 2013 and won. I loved the experience so much that I carried on dancing and went on to dance again the following year as a dancer and have done so every year so far.

It's a lot of hard work but Its for a great cause and it's great to be able to help such a great charity like SAFER, I can honestly say it's amazing to be part of the experience and all worthwhile on the night. Glitter, sequins, spray tan & all those fantastic outfits, what's not to love!

I'm very much looking forward to dancing with Paul, and I'll do my very best to ensure this experience is enjoyable for him. I hope everyone enjoys the evening as much as I do, I can't wait.


  Elis Bebb & Sara Mellors


Dancing the Argentine Tango & Group Ballroom  



 When Safer were approached to be the sponsored charity this year, they were asked if a member of the board would be willing to do the challenge, preferably a man. I sometimes wonder if that’s why Maggie asked me to be a member of the board this year, regardless I’ve been duly volunteered.

Having said that, I always did fancy learning the tango after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies. Not that I’m aiming for such dizzying heights, merely not making a complete fool of myself on the day is the goal, anything extra is a bonus. As the former politician dancer, I can only hope to do as well as Ed Balls did in Strictly.

The only dancing I’ve ever done before was welsh country dancing at weddings, which generally involved someone telling you what to do as you dance, family fun and enough alcohol not to care what you look like. I have a feeling this won’t be the same, but as long as it’s as much fun, I can’t wait to get going.


This will be my 5th Dancefloor Challenge and I am trilled to be dancing the Argentine Tango which is such a passionate dance.  

I am so lucky to be retired so that I have the time to devote to all the practice! My lovely husband and gorgeous teenage son are really supportive and have even taken up dancing themselves.

Really excited as this year will be extra special.


Helen Allen & Philip Hugo  

Dancing the Argentine Tango & Group Ballroom  


I currently work for ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited in the Compliance Team and have been lucky enough to be selected to take part in this year’s Dancefloor Challenge!  

I do love having a goal to aim for and generally have a ‘project’ on the go, as my friends jokingly refer to my antics! However I must admit to not being particularly sporty or particularly fit – something which I think might be a pre-requisite for the task ahead! 

I adore watching Strictly Come Dancing and have spent several years from the comfort of my sofa, whilst holding a glass of wine, thinking that I could do that! It now appears very differently – not sure whether that is the lack of wine or the lack of coordination in my two left feet! However I am thrilled and will give it my best shot so as not to embarrass my husband, daughters, family, friends or dear work colleagues who have selected me. Hopefully I will not let down my dance partner or Jamie and his great team! 




 I first stumbled onto the dance-floor 6 years ago as part of the Strictly Specsavers event and then joined GADA’s 10th anniversary come-back in 2015, with the odd cameo appearance in the interim (with odd being the operative word!). 

I now enjoy working for the States of Guernsey Procurement team and am married with 2 wonderful sons. However, spending time on the dance floor is a great escape from the rat race and I am looking forward to the usual intoxicating combination of excitement, nerves, competition, camaraderie, fun and achievement that is the DFC.


This is my first attempt at being the “experianced dancer” so I hope I can make a smooth transition into the driving seat and to help my partner to enjoy the DFC experience as much as I do.


Wayne Gallienne  &  Charlotte Trigwell


Dancing the Cha Cha Cha & Group Ballroom 



Life at the moment seems to have thrown two challenges at me, one very exciting and the second one I am still thinking about whether I find it exciting or absolutely terrifying!  

By day I am a butcher/fishmonger and can be found behind the counters down at Surf & Turf at Castle Emplacement. Back in May I took the opportunity to join Jason & Nikki Hamon down at Surf & Turf, which saw me leave my place of employment after many years, it was an exciting new venture and one I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of.

In my spare time I am a keen darts player, enjoy playing football and enjoy ski holidays.

Moving on to challenge number two, I was asked to take part in the Dancefloor Challenge, this is the challenge that I am unsure about however, I am 29, happy go lucky and willing to give anything a shot, if I can throw darts and throw myself down the ski slopes, surely I can throw some shapes on the dancefloor?! I have never danced before so this will definitely be a challenge but one that I am willing to give my best to!


By day I am a 39 year old working Mum of 2, Cameron 16 & Freya 11, I work for the Fort Group in the Compliance Department. My introduction to ballroom dancing was when Freya at the age of 3 declared “I don’t want to dance like a Fairy, I want to dance like a Princess like they do on Strictly”. 
 Unfortunately a rather unfortunate incident with a wide screen TV ended my dancing for a while and my kids found themselves drawn to other hobbies. 
In September 2014 Jamie started running after school group lessons at St Martin’s school as taster sessions for a term, Freya demanded to start dancing again and once again we found ourselves back in the fold of the LeT’s Dance family. 
From the side lines I longed to have the opportunity and to be encouraged to develop my dancing skills enough to be considered to be a DFC dancer, so I was delighted when I was asked for the first time to be included in 2016 team and was persuaded by Jamie & Bonnie to compete on the hallowed dance floor of the Winter Garden's in Blackpool in January 2016. Right now I can honestly say that I cannot wait for the glitz, the glamour and the pain that is the DFC experienceover the coming months. 


  Jon Buckland & Julie Haimes


Dancing the Cha Cha Cha & Group Ballroom  


 Jon and his family moved to Guernsey in 2001 and joined the Civil Service in 2008. Having started at Commerce & Employment he transferred across to the Education Department in 2012 and became Chief Secretary of the Office of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture in May 2016.


Jon is a newbie to any kind of dancing and thought that the Dance Floor Challenge was a way of Connecting with new people, Learning new skills, being Active and Giving to Safer. The only downside was stepping outside his comfort zone and the risk of public ridicule – so no pressure!




I started dancing in my home town at the age of four and, following initial teasing from family members that I would probably ‘dance like an elephant’, I went on to represent my dance school at local and County level competitions.

Married to Martin, I have two fabulous children who are very supportive of my passion and a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier called Sam who also enjoys practising his twirls round the living room floor!

One of my proudest moments as a school teacher was watching former pupils, who I introduced to dancing at a young age with the wonderful professional teacher Jamie Le Tissier, perform in the 10th Anniversary Dance Floor Challenge in October 2015. This inspired me to push myself and follow my dream and, with the wonderful support and guidance of MY dance teachers, have the confidence to enter last year’s competition as the dancer.

I just love to dance and to be part of Guernsey’s very own ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is a dream come true. I am very much looking forward to returning to the challenge with the Cha Cha Cha. I am really looking forward to using my teaching skills in a different way and help my partner progress while at the same time hopefully keep improving my own dance skills, meet new friends and most importantly, raise money for such a worthy cause.’







Thank you to everyone who helps and to all the very generous people/companies who donate raffle/aution prizes






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Electrical technician: Jamie Lewis
Music: Marianne De La Mare
Scrutineer: Lesley Le Tissier:
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GADA Committee and the team of helpers.
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